Why would you use Slack in a repossession company?

Let's start with "What is “Slack”? I will spare you a long winded explanation, as I feel the company describes it best:

Organize your team conversations in open channels. Make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on.

The key to all of this is "open forum" communication.

So often we get a LPR hit and the following occurs:
1. Drivers calls the office.
2. Office calls all trucks to see who is available.
3. Office finds an available truck.
4. Office tells the agent to call LPR driver.
5. Agent and LPR driver now start talking.
6. Office never gets verification if unit secured or not.
7. All agents who missed calls start calling back, bogging the office down.

Does this sound familiar?

With Slack, the LPR driver simply posts that they need a unit secured and the designated person responds in Slack with who will be coming to secure the unit.

The entire team now knows what is happening in a matter of minutes.

No more missing cars or involving every person in your team to pick up one unit.

Slack was actually introduced to me by a family member who works part-time for my office. She was overwhelmed by the amount of required information that needed to be shared with the entire team, and not having a way of doing it publically.

So, let me give an example of how we use Slack in our repossession company.

In Slack, you have "Channels". You can have as many or few as you like. For us, we have 5 channels.

One of our channels is called "General".

So let’s say it’s around holiday season and all the holiday holds are coming out.

Instead of sending out a massive email and chasing down every agent and spotter in your company, you simply post your company's holds in “General” channel for everyone in the team to see.

This means no more wondering if your message went into the dark email abyss that nobody looks at (you know who you are.)

With Slack, you can know without a doubt that everyone saw it, because the whole team is using it.

Boosting Team Moral

This brings me to the other unexpected result of utilizing Slack.

We had a huge boost in team moral. Repossession company teams are inherently tricky to manage. Creating a solid team experience is hard, due to the nature of our employees working in field positions and being self-directed most of the time.   

Slack allows team members to get to know each other, communicate efficiently, and work and to problem solve as a team by simply giving them access to both their management and co-workers as if they worked in an office together.

At the end of the day, happy / engaged team members stay at their jobs longer and perform better. We all have to “work”. But my company firmly believes that you should never dread coming to work... and we want our people to love what they do.

By using Slack we have noticed that our teams feel more connected to one and other and are happier in their positions.

We have seen massive improvements in so many different areas of my company because of Slack.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it’s helped in communication, efficiency and morale.

Slack has become an item that is so necessary for a company’s survival—like Clearplan and the self-loader, I couldn’t imagine operating without it.

The company just runs better, plain and simple.

If you or anyone else has questions on how we use Slack in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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