The Clearplan auto repossession software is based on icons. Let me explain.

Most people think in "pictures"... that is—most people, when they think of something (or some process) think in terms of images. So, when we built Clearplan, we thought pictures were the best solution.

The language of Clearplan is icons. These icons (or pictures) make it easy to communicate with everyone in a repossession company through a proven language, specifically designed for the repo industry.

The use of address specific icons gives you a proven method to create more efficient driver routines. And, helps increase your productivity by helping you visit all your accounts on a regular basis.

One of the keys to better performance is understanding the meaning of all Clearplan icons.

In the video below, Jordan Sawalqah walks you through the meaning of Clearplan's icons.

We've also created a handy guide to help you learn the Clearplan icons.

Click the link below to download and print the Clearplan Icon Guide: Download Clearplan Icon Guide

If you are a repossession agent wanting to learn how to use Clearplan like a pro, sign up for Clearplan University. (It's FREE!)