The day I stopped building run lists was the day I got a piece of my life back.

As owners, we all strive to find the right balance between performance, efficiency, transparency, teamwork—and sometimes we even swing for the fences and try to find a little profitability in there.

While I was sifting through the nuances involved in the day to day grind of “where are my guys going today,” I realized that I had missed multiple accounts from the days and weeks before. I was so involved in making my run list perfect, I missed some accounts that were right under my nose.

… My agents were 2 streets away from addresses I hadn’t put on their run lists. They were 2 streets away from keeping a client happy. And they were 2 streets away from loading MY truck!

My other option was relying on my agents to build their own run lists. While I had a few that were capable of lining themselves out for the day, most of my team remained solely interested in hand-picking their newest—and most attractive looking assignments. But I’m the only one who has this problem right?

The more I tried to tweak the run list process, the more I realized that the run list was the problem.

So I did away with anything that revolved around, or originated from the run list concept.

It was scary. Think about it... I had to get rid of RDN Maps. Get rid of Streets & Trips. Get rid of my beloved Excel spreadsheet.

But as soon as I took the training wheels off, I found that I could do a lot more with this bicycle.

I had officially thrown away my blanky! But, it was liberating when I realized that I was watching my business grow, rather than micromanaging a small subset of accounts.

I could see, and I could build a clear-plan for my business.

With this new process, I now have the opportunity to look at my accounts in a different light.

How do my POE’s look? I’ll check my way, while my competitors sift through their accounts and updates to build an impromptu run list for one day.

Where are my “Confirmed” addresses? I can see with one click. Where are my Camera Scans? Click. Where are all my new accounts? Click. Show me every address I’ve only been to one time. Click. How about all the accounts for my three most important clients? Click.

Clearplan vs anything run list-based... If I look at the scenarios above the first question I ask is “how long would it take me to run a query on each of these address types.”

In most cases, an accurate search for the information above used to take me at least 3 hours per area. It’s great that there are systems out there that can guide me after I’ve created a run list. But I don’t build run lists anymore... Training wheels are off.

Clearplan is software for the repossession industry.