I run in a state with no access to license plates through DMV. When I click that magical button to purchase a plate in RDN, nothing happens.

Nevada has a very strict policy, which does not allow access to license plate information.

I’ve told my sob story to hundreds of Clearplan customers. Most of them don’t know how we function out here without them.

One thing is for certain: Scorecard numbers in Nevada are routinely 10-20% lower than the national average amongst almost every major client.

Inability to receive tag information and capitalize on historical data plays a huge role in our plight.

Believe it or not—even in a state with no access to license plates, I am still more profitable with my cameras than with my skip tracers.

Don’t get me wrong. I still need my skip tracers. But the capacity in how we utilize them has changed drastically.

Our camera cars find more vehicles per month than our skip tracers—and this is in a state with no access to plates.

Most of the top skip trace agencies in the country encourage their top performers to locate between 20-25 units per month. In most cases, that’s less than one car per-day in a 22-day work month.

LPR Live Scans

My camera cars consistently average one live scan per every 10,000 plate hits. They average 14,000 plate hits per shift.

That’s nearly 1 ½ units per shift from my camera car driver.

This employee costs less, performs more, pays for themselves on live hits alone… And, accumulates historical data in the process.

These factors include fuel costs, vehicle depreciation, etc.

Skip Tracers

As for my skip tracers, we kept two, well-trained skip tracers.

They attend quarterly classes, routinely participate in all available webinar opportunities, and they’ve spent extensive time with some of the top investigators in the world.

These girls have every tool at their disposal to rule out bad addresses and capitalize on good ones.

Yet they still can’t keep up with the camera cars.

They’re an intricate piece to what sets us apart from our competition. They help us every day.

But having a system to utilize your LPR data, along with securing additional collateral through live hits has proven to outweigh the monetary value of the coveted skip tracer.