Have you lost your Clearplan password? Or simply want to reset your password?

It's super easy.

  1. Click on this link: https://clearplan.io/passwordReset/
  2. Once on the page, type in the email address you use for Clearplan.
  3. Then, click the button "SEND PASSWORD RESET EMAIL".
  4. Goto your email account and look for the email from Clearplan. The email subject is: Reset your password for Clearplan
  5. Click the link in the email.
  6. Once on the new page, type in your new password.

Boom. That's it. Now you can log into Clearplan with your new password.

Here's a quick video on exactly how to do the steps listed above:

What is Clearplan?

Clearplan is software for repo companies. Clearplan is the language of the repossession industry. It’s the way we communicate with the people around us.

Language is knowledge. Organization. Communication.

It’s what creates prosperity and growth.

The Clearplan language helps everyone in your company understand what is happening at a glance, and makes repossessing vehicles faster and more efficient.

How To Get Started With Clearplan

Getting started with the Clearplan repo skip tracing program is easy. We've lined out the following easy steps:

1. Go through Clearplan University.

We created Clearplan University (CPU) to help our customers learn and understand Clearplan better. CPU is totally free. And, you don’t have to be a Clearplan user to take the course. It’s open to everyone.

2. Sign up for a Personalized Clearplan Demo

After CPU is done, it’s time to set-up a personal demo of the Clearplan repossession software. The most successful Clearplan users are the ones who invested the time at the start. This includes getting a personal demo.

3. Register for Clearplan and Start Your Account

After the demo, we’ll send you a special invitation code to get you up and running. Fill in a couple fields and you’re done. We don't even ask for a credit card. Each company gets to use and try Clearplan for 30 days, completely free!

4. Set up Clearplan Integrations

Clearplan is fully integrated with DRN, RDN, iRepo, RMP, RMS. Once you get your Clearplan account set-up, we can get your integrations up and going. We can load all your open accounts in just 5 minutes. Boom!