We've just added some new features to the Clearplan repossession software application.

Here are some of the new features we have added:

No Contact Banner

A lot of clients and forwarders are moving to a "no debtor contact" model for repossession. Because of this, we have included a "No Contact" banner in Clearplan so that agents will easily know if they can (or cannot) make contact with the debtor.

In our native Android and iOS applications, we have also included a voice warning in addition to the banner.

Offline Updates

This feature allows a repossessor to save their address updates regardless of internet connection. In other words, if an agent is running in an area without a internet connection, Clearplan will "save" the update... then, once the agent returns to an area with a internet connection, that update will post to RDN (or whatever portal).

Mobile Only User

We have also added a "mobile only" user role to your Team's roles and permissions. What this does is, if a user is assigned to the "mobile only" role, they will only be able to use the mobile versions of Clearplan.

Video of the New Clearplan Features

I've created a video of the new features. Watch the video below to learn more about the new features.

Clearplan University

If you are new to Clearplan—or if you need help—have a look at Clearplan University. We've spent a ton of time creating Clearplan University to help you become a better repossessor... whether in the truck or in the office.

Below are the two separate Clearplan University tracks. Click the one that fits you best:

Clearplan Support

As always, if you have any questions about Clearplan—or, you need some help with repossession operations—get in-touch with us today! Click here to contact the Clearplan Team.