Clearplan 1.3.1

At more than 1,850 users, Clearplan is quickly becoming the most used application in the repossession industry.

With the brand new version of iOS, it is simple to do amazing things and delightful to run Clearplan. We built it with groundbreaking technology and every pixel is crisp. A streamlined maps view with all the information at your finger tips, gives you all the information you need.

Running different types of accounts at the same time is one of the great things about using Clearplan. Focusing on just one zone in full-screen view is another. With our app, you get the best of both.

You’ve never been so good at repossessions.

Detail View gets even more smarter in the brand new app. You can view all your checkins and addresses at one place.

With Auto App updates, RDN Integration ready, Chrome links, Show Trail, Satellite view of maps—this is our most extensive release yet.

Let the app talk for itself and we will wait for everyone in the industry to follow us while we set high standards to serve you better.

Say it in your own words

And now you can ask Clearplan to write notes using using natural language — so when you’re driving, just say it the way you’d type it.

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