When we first built Clearplan, we simply put all the accounts on the map.

It was a little confusing.

Then the light bulb went off.

We wondered… “What would happen if we created distinct areas that agents could focus on?”

With that, Zones were born.

This was a major breakthrough. Productivity increased almost overnight.

The concept was simple:

A zone should be an area we create, where a single agent could run all the accounts in one day.

Here’s some quick tips for zones:

1) Do Not Draw Zones Based on Zip Codes — This is the way other software applications want you to base run lists. Don’t do it.

2) Draw Your Zones Based On Volume — It will make life a whole lot easier. If you have a large-volume area, make the zone smaller. Remember, a zone should be small enough that a single agent can run the zone in one day.

3) Zones Are Not Carved In Stone — In other words, you can make AND remake zones. It’s not a one-time thing. Build a couple zones, test them out. If a zone doesn’t work out like you expected… rebuild it.

In the video below, we describe how to easily create zones in the Clearplan repossession software application.