At Clearplan, our focus has always been to improve the way people in the repossession industry work.

Clearplan offers web-based and mobile-based services and tools that repossession companies can access to communicate, collaborate and work more efficiently.

Clearplan’s product platform offerings include:

  1. Clearplan Web Application
  2. Clearplan Native Application for iOS
  3. Clearplan Native Application for Android

Each Clearplan application leverages the unique domain knowledge and technology of the Clearplan platform. Clearplan’s employees have vast engineering and domain knowledge and experience.

The technology behind the Clearplan platform allows us to innovate at a rapid rate and provide a level of service Clearplan users benefit from and enjoy.

Within the Clearplan platform, our main service is mapping and logistics technology. This service is engineered specifically to help repossessors in the auto finance industry.

In addition to mapping and logistics, the Clearplan platform also provides a repossession database that allows owners, office managers and staff to manage and control their repossession workflow.