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We are excited to release our new Waze integration and map options. Now, you can use the Clearplan software for repo companies to work with all major mapping platforms on all major platforms.

Why the Best Repossessors use Waze.

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic? Want to avoid delays? Wish you had a heads-up on hidden police cars? Want to save even more on fuel?

Clearplan is proud to announce its newest integration, Waze—an intuitive app that offers:

  • Live traffic updates
  • Current fuel prices
  • Notification of Law enforcement
  • Notification of accidents and highway closures
  • Current and best fuel pricing


On our Android Clearplan App (4.1.0 version +), you will find a new menu option — Settings. This lets you select one of the following options on Android.

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Default Navigation

If you switch over to Waze navigation, please make sure that the Waze app is installed. If not, it will fall back to google maps.

Get it on Google Play


On our iOS Clearplan App 3.2.4 version onwards, you will find a new menu option - Navigation options. This lets you select one of the following options on iOS.

  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Default Navigation

Please make sure that you have the selected apps installed, or else the app will fallback to other available apps.

Get the Clearplan app for iOS at the App Store

For more information on Clearplan's mobile apps:

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