We are proud to announce that clearplan is 100% optimized for night driving with a chrome extension - Deluminate.

If you are an agent and drive a lot in the night, the bright screen can hurt your eyes or distract you. Just click the extension, add to chrome and enable delumniate by accessing the menu on the top right

Make sure you click the "Keep images normal"

If you want to set the map to a dark theme. You can do that by going to maps and click display tab on the left panel and selecting an awesome theme like cobalt.

When you visit Clearplan, Delumniate inverts the colors to make the background black and the text white. This should make it easier to read at night because it's not as bright. You can set Deluminate to pause for a while when you're browsing during the day, or only change on select sites as well. If you're looking for a little eye relief at night, Deluminate's a lot easier than changing the accessibility options on your computer

If you want to pause deluminate, you can click the deluminate bulb icon on the top right of your chrome to access menu to turn off Deluminate. Just click "Disable".