Clearplan Companion App

We're excited to announce the new Clearplan Companion App!

This app is made specifically for repossession agents and spotters who operate Clearplan repo software using their laptops.

With Companion, you can push the address from your laptop to your cell phone, and use your cell phone for navigation.

Clearplan Companion App for Clearplan Repossession Database

For Clearplan Business plan users who cannot see their laptop users, the Clearplan Companion can accurately pinpoint the location of these users, and report back to Clearplan the exact location of agents and spotters.

For repossession agents that door knock and make contact, you can now use the Clearplan Companion app to show the order to the debtor.

The Clearplan Companion app also includes Clearplan's OnSpot search technology! Just put in the last 8 of any VIN to see if the unit is out for repo.

With the Companion app users can utilize speech to text to create updates for RDN, iRepo, MRS and more.

Another benefit of Companion: You can be logged into the Companion app and Clearplan on the laptop at the same time. It will not kick you out.

On the Companion app, you still have all the links to other systems available in your hand.

Here's a quick video describing how Companion and the Clearplan repossession software works:

We hope you like it a whole lot! If you are interested in learning more about Clearplan's robust solutions for repossession professionals, click here to schedule a one-on-one demo of the Clearplan software.

At this time, the Clearplan Companion App is only available for Android.