One of the hardest things about managing a repossession company is managing your accounts.

There are dozens of auto repossession software portals available. And, it seems that every company has at least 2 portals they need to manage. Some companies have 10 to 14 portals!

This is a huuuge distraction… and tons of man-hours are wasted switching in-between portals.

At the end of the day, a repossession company should repossess cars.

Should be easy right?

It’s not. For now anyway…

Demanding clients and software portals that refuse to talk to each other, make the repossession business very difficult to manage.

Thankfully, Clearplan is changing that.

How Clearplan Is Changing The Repossession Industry

At the end of the day, repossession companies need to repossess cars. They need to do it quickly and efficiently.

Before 2016, there has not been a system that can store repo orders and addresses in one place.

Today, Clearplan is that system. Clearplan communicates to many portals!

Clearplan Integration With Recovery Manager Pro (RMP)

I’m happy to announce Clearplan is fully integrated with RMP. We have been beta testing the integration with 6 Clearplan repo companies. (Thank you SO much guys! You know who you are!).

A little background on Recovery Manager Pro.

RMP is a repossession management system that has been around for a long time.

"Our easy-to-read reports and simple navigation puts every page and every function just one click away. Don't just take our word for it, our customers are the ones that keep telling us how much "flow" the software has. No complicated forms - no unnecessary steps - no extra work. Everything you need when you need it." — Recovery Manager Pro

The office staff at repo companies love RMP because of the features. RMP is easy to use, and allows their users to access information very quickly.

Many of our Clearplan users have been begging us to integrate with RMP for a long time.

I’m super happy to say, it’s done. We're integrated with RMP!

Working with the guys at RMP has been a lot of fun. Luke and Pat have been awesome. They have been super excited to get things done, and have really crushed the development of this integration.

By the way, integrating repossession software systems is not easy. There’s a reason many of these systems cannot talk to each other. It’s simply hard to get the code right.

How To Get Recovery Manager Pro Integrated With Clearplan

If you’re an RMP user and you would like to get your RMP account integrated with Clearplan, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact the guys at RMP
  2. Let them know you would like to integrate your Clearplan with RMP
  3. Fill out RMP’s documentation

After you complete the steps above, RMP will contact Clearplan with your credentials. Then, we can hook the two systems together!

In addition, we will spend some time with you so that you can understand how the integration works.

Not A Clearplan User?

If you’re not on Clearplan, you need to get up and running. The steps are simple:

1. Go through Clearplan University. We created Clearplan University (CPU) to help our customers learn and understand Clearplan better. CPU is totally free. And, you don’t have to be a Clearplan user to take the course. It’s open to everyone.

2. Sign up for a Personalized Clearplan Demo After CPU is done, it’s time to set-up a personal demo of the Clearplan repossession software. The most successful Clearplan users are the ones who invested the time at the start. This includes getting a personal demo.

3. Register for Clearplan and Start Your Account After the demo, we’ll send you a special invitation code to get you up and running. Fill in a couple fields and you’re done. We don't even ask for a credit card. Each company gets to use and try Clearplan for 30 days, completely free!

If you’re in charge of managing a repossession company, you’ve got a big responsibility. We know what you’re up against… and, we know it isn’t easy. We built Clearplan to help. It’s time to sign up for a Clearplan account.