Data in your company is realtime synchronized across all platforms seamlessly. It is simple to do amazing things and delightful to run Clearplan. A streamlined maps view with all the information at your finger tips, gives you all the information you need.

Running different types of accounts at the same time is one of the great things about using Clearplan. Focusing on just one zone in full-screen view is another. With Clearplan, you get the best of both.


Our DRN integration lets your company automatically pull LPR scan information and activity from DRN into Clearplan in a way that's timely, relevant and searchable. A lot of companies waste time, energy and fuel chasing LPR hits that have already been closed. With Clearplan, we seamlessly remove LPR scans from your map that have been recovered or closed by the LPR provider.

Our RDN integration enables your company to accept assignments and map accounts directly from RDN. Immediately. With Clearplan and the RDN integration, any assignment put on hold or closed in RDN, will be seamlessly removed from your Clearplan map. Everyone in your company can update RDN client notes directly from Clearplan. Quickly and easily.


Clearplan Works Across All Major Platforms—Web, iOS and Android
We have a Clearplan version to fit your favorite work style: Laptop, Phone or Tablet. We built our apps natively to give you a full-featured experience on any device you prefer.


We know your data is critical. All of your data is transferred over a secure SSL connection with a 2048-bit certificate. We use the same level security as your bank.


We meet PCI-DSS requirements for all your payments. We go thru certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

No sensitive data hits our servers.