A simple adjustment in the way you manage and run accounts will change your business forever.

It’s time to super-charge the power of your agents and office staff.

You can make more money by being more efficient. Not growing clients. Or adding trucks or warm bodies. Do more with what you have.

Right now, you probably have agents tracking down accounts using printed stacks of paper. Or worse, agents are running accounts based on memory alone.

The problem is, you are missing accounts and burning tons of fuel. I guarantee it.

It’s extremely difficult to manage all your accounts with paper, email and run lists.

This business is too complex. Too many moving parts.

With so many accounts, it’s easy to lose track of where you’re going and where you’ve been. And, you have no clue what your agents are doing in the field.

There is no connection between the office, the field and the owners. Accounts are slipping through the cracks.

LOOK, we are on the cutting edge of the repossession business. If you stay old you die… and for most repo companies going digital is the only way to survive.

If You Expect Amazing Results, You Have To Use Amazing Tools.
The Right Tool Makes All The Difference

Hi, my name is John Sullivan and I’m going to tell you about a product that is changing the businesses and lives of hundreds of repo companies across the United States.

Let me explain.

You’re making more revenue… but your expenses are also increasing. You’re not making any money.


Managing your repo business with run lists and email is hard.

Run lists are hard work to create, and they simply don’t work as well as they once did. They are time-consuming, and you have to create new lists every day.

Now, I’m not ready to say that old methods of running are dead… but they definitely are on life support.

There are so many accounts with multiple addresses. Demanding clients who want constant updates. And, if you are running camera scanners… that’s another segment you need to manage and capitalize on.

With Clearplan, you turn average agents into great agents.

In fact, “B” and even “C-Level” agents can CRUSH “A-Level” agents…
… because it’s so much easier to manage your business when you have Clearplan in your arsenal!

It’s simple math…

On average, it takes an agent 1 - 2 hours to create a good run-list. Multiply this by number of agents in your company. Think about how much time it takes each week to create run-lists.

Creating run-lists and managing email is a huge waste of time. This is time an agent could spend in the field running accounts. And you can be spending your time doing other things.

With Clearplan, we don’t have run-lists. Or email.

... In fact, there are other things you give up with Clearplan. Things like paperwork and nonstop client phone calls. And 10 different systems to run your business.

Managing your accounts and agents is done with one tool. Not the dozens you currently use.

All the data is flowing into one system.

Think about it: How much time do you spend going from system to system to system?

With Clearplan, you use one system.

You don’t have to be a world-class operator to make your business super efficient.

Let me give you a couple real-life examples:

One of our Clearplan users was averaging 250 repos per month before Clearplan. One month after implementing Clearplan, his company is averaging 350 repos per month. And, that’s without adding any new employees or clients or trucks.

That’s not all!

Before Clearplan he was spending $15,000 in diesel fuel per month. After implementing Clearplan, he’s reduced his fuel bill to $10,000 per month.

Let me give you another example:

One of our users just hit the 4th month in a row where they broke their own company record for recoveries. That’s 4 months straight where they broke the previous record.

Guys, these numbers are real. We hear from Clearplan users everyday about how the Clearplan software has changed their business, and their lives.

I can tell you, we can do it for you. It’s not rocket science. The software is easy to use. We can get you up and running in a couple of hours.

By making ONE simple change to your business, you can re-invent the way you do business.

Here is my promise: Give Clearplan a try for 30 days on us. You will not only repossess more accounts, but you will also save more time doing it.

Here’s what you need to do: Sign up right now for a personal demo of the Clearplan software.

You have nothing to lose.

If you are not happy with your current business results, it’s time to make a change. The first step is in your hands.

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The demo takes approximately 45 minutes.

And, don’t worry, we’re not going to give you a hard sale or pressure you in any way. We know the software works. We hear from users every day.

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Last thing. I want to thank you for reading this post. And, for your patience, I’m going to offer you a special deal on Clearplan.

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As my grandmother said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn’t work. So if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’ll be in the same place next year.”

Let’s make a change.